Our Solutions


These are the areas we can help you in

We provide a wide range of machine work, fabricating, part designing, repairs and custom solutions.


Wide industry experience and creativity are the driving force behind our mechanical engineering. Our capabilities cover precision linear and rotary motion, mechanical design for low-, mid-, and high-volume production in industrial, agricultural, defense, and consumer products industries.


We use a range of precision tools for milling, turning and drilling. Cutting and shaping raw material into the desired final shape and size through finely controlled material-removal.


Cutting, bending, and assembling processes for small or large metal structures. Each weld, tube bend and cut inspected and designed for precision and quality.

Prototype and Design

Need a blueprint or drawing made? Have an idea that needs prototyping? Our process involves problem analysis and solution discovery. We want to understand what's unique and challenging about your specific problem and create a custom solution to fit.

Rebuild and Maintain

Our quality rebuilds and maintenance will save you resources and have your equipment performing back to its best.

CNC Cutting

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Cutting means we can prototype faster and more accurately with options to mass produce to your needs.